Planning your wedding ceremony and reception can seem like a daunting task. Why not bring in the professionals at DJ Jodi Entertainment to make your special day flawless?

Every one of our five DJs brings enthusiasm, professionalism, the ability to read audiences, and a stocked music library. Each of us has a unique style and set of strengths, so you can choose whoever you believe will be best suited to create the wedding of your dreams. (hyperlink in here to the bio page)

Once you’ve selected your DJ, we will meet with you to customize and review every detail – event flow, special dances, music selection, wedding party announcements, etc. – of your event to ensure no stone is left unturned. Rest assured what our DJs and MC will keep your wedding day flowing from the ceremony to cocktail hour to the very last dance at your reception.

We are committed to making your special day everything you dreamed it could be without you having to worry about a thing.

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