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Check your date first! Below the DJ info and pricing section, we have listed dates for 2023 that we have already booked for. DJ Hennah is currently booked for 2023 and only accepting events for 2024.

Here are the DJs currently accepting events and their wedding rates and packages. For those of you inquiring about other event parties, some of the information will be helpful below, but we would like to gather info around the length and type of event, what is needed from the D.j., equipment and rental needs and then quote a price based off of that.

JODI DUSTON: Is the owner of the company and has been DJing weddings for over 20 years. She has been fortunate enough with her success, over the years, to be a full-time DJ.  What this means for the client, is that her only focus is DJing and event planning. You can find her testimonials here: 

 Rates and packages are (prices effective 4/14/22):

Reception package: $2,500 for up to 6 hours, set up for 1 area, planning + light bar for dancing, $200 each additional hour. 

Ceremony package: $3,000 for up to 7 hours + additional ceremony equipment needs (to include additional set up time, soundcheck with officiant, up to 3 mics/stands, music stand) + light bar for dancing

Additional Set up or hours $200 each

Rehearsal package: Hire DJ Jodi to be at ceremony rehearsal, with full sound set-up, dinner music and toasts! Depending on location(s) and time, packages start at $600. Prices are negotiable if you are able to provide lodging on site or within 10mi.

Weekender package: Are you hosting your wedding at a camp or venue that doesn’t offer a planner? Custom packages can be created to have DJ Jodi on-site all weekend, creating music vibes wherever celebrating is happening. Planning is one of DJ Jodi’s other talents. When she isn’t focused on being a DJ, she will help you stay organized, help you with set up, keep your wedding party in line and in the know, plan and run through ceremony rehearsal as well as music and mics for rehearsal dinner! Please inquire for custom pricing.

HENNAH NICHOLAS: I like to refer to Hennah as our “vibe creator”. She has a great talent for reading the crowd and going with the flow. In Hennah’s 12 years with Dj Jodi Entertainment, she has gained extensive experience with weddings. Hennah is better suited for the low-key, light talking and letting the music be the party kind of wedding.

Her rates and packages are:

$2,200 for up to 5 hours, with $200 for each additional hour. 

$2,600 for up to 6.5 hours + ceremony equipment needs (speaker, mic, music) + light bar for dancing $200 each additional hour

Please check out our individual bios and testimonials  

A few things to consider:

  • Rates may vary dependent on time of year (April through November is “peak” season); Above rates are “peak” season. December-March are off-season and discounts will be built around travel, equipment and time needs.
  • If you choose DJ Jodi Entertainment, there is a contract and deposit to secure the date; Deposit price varies depending on which DJ you choose. The remainder can be paid upfront, payment plan, payments when it works for you, 2 weeks prior to if by check, 7 days if Venmo or cash the day of.
  • Included in pricing, regardless of DJ:

o    Thorough Planning: This is a big piece that helps set us aside from other DJs. We help you plan from start to finish with two in-person, phone or video planning meetings, a 5-page questionnaire, consulting on wedding music for all formal dances.  We send a list for those as well as a dance list. DJ Jodi will create a timeline from this questionnaire and reach out to all of your vendors to share it with them to make sure we’re all on the same page. With unlimited e-mail access, meetings, producing a time line and vendor coordinating, we estimate about 10-15 hours of time will go into your reception.  This is included in the above rates. 

Already have a planner? We are happy to take a backseat and let the planner you’ve hired, to work all of this out with you. This doesn’t change the rate as all of the information and time we take to gather will now be spent with your planner.

o    Logistics & Equipment: We include 45 min each way in our price. We map the distance from our houses to the venue. We use the overtime rate to calculate travel time over what we include. If your venue requires additional expenses for parking or transportation, those will be added to the above quotes. 

  We arrive somewhere between 60-90 minutes prior to the start of your event. This time is included in the above rates. We bring everything we need for one set up area (sound system + wireless mics).  Should you need additional set ups for ceremony or cocktail area, there is an additional charge for a satellite system for ceremony. We will try our best to work with the 1 set up, as it saves us both extra work and money. However, we will encourage the satellite system if we feel the quality suffers.

o    Outstanding Service: Each DJ will cater to your needs from start to finish, and will ensure all details are executed seamlessly. We will work with all of your vendors throughout the event to ensure everything runs smoothly! We love taking the lead the day of, but are just as happy to follow if you have a coordinator/planner already. We want you to worry about nothing on your big day!

  I would love to speak with you to see if DJ Jodi Entertainment is a good fit for your wedding. Setting up a consultation to go over the planning packet is something that people find solidifies their decision to hire us.  In the meeting, I go over the planning packet in detail, I explain how we work with you to make sure your big day is a true reflection of who you are a couple.  A lot of DJ companies tend to do things the way they’ve always done them and churn out cookie cutter weddings.  What separates us from them, is finding out what separates you from other couples and building your wedding around that.


If your date is not on this list, it’s not a guarantee that we’re available for your event. Other dates may already be in the works, time and logistics are other factors that might that might stand in the way.

If your date is on here, but you feel it may be a unique exception (Senior overnight grad parties, morning fundraisers, short events, equipment or game rentals), try us! We’ll hear you out and see what we can work out!


SEPT: 16th-18th, 23rd, 24th + 30th

OCT: 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th

NOV: 3rd, 4th, 17th

DEC: 9th, 14th-25th, 30th, 31st



FEB: 9th, 24th

MAR: 15th-17th, 30th


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