Gift a payment to your couple!

Thank-you for your interest in gift to the couple! You’ll want to be sure you have the correct DJ first. Please email me at [email protected] if you aren’t sure or if you have any questions. Once your payment has processed, we’ll confirm with you and you are welcome to notify the couple or we Weill send them a handwritten card, with your message and name! We have a few different options to choose from:

  1. Old School paper check/money order made out to either DJ Jodi Entertainment or Hennah Nicholas in any amount you choose. The mailing address is DJ Jodi Entertainment 662 Ten Rod Rd Farmington, NH 03835 Please be sure to include the couple’s name in the memo or a note that we can forward to them!
  2. Venmo – Super easy and free! Jodi’s info: @Jodi-Duston and Hennah’s is @djxoletsgo Again, any amount you choose. Please be sure to put the couple’s name and any message you’d like included in the card we send them.
  3. Paypal – You have 2 options with Paypal. You can use the “send money to friends + family” use [email protected] for Jodi or [email protected] for Hennah and do not check the “for goods + services” option. You are also welcome to select an amount from the drop down menu. This feature carries a small processing fee based on the amount.

Amounts w/ fees

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